Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Return of Summer

Our beautiful summer has returned! She took her time leaving the cocoon;  I think because it must have been so very warm and cozy, but she braved it and has begun to blossom.

My spring has been very busy and quite wonderful. In April I was named a recipient for FACTOR funding for New Canadian Recording Artists and I’ve been busy doing just that. I’m recording with Russ Mackay at Blue Sound and Music in Toronto and we hope to share our musical creations with you soon. I’m thrilled to be working with Russ and I’m very excited to be sharing my songs with you; it means a lot to me and we’ve been working hard in the studio. I’m so thankful that I am able to share my gift of music and hopefully I can make a little difference in the lives of others.

Over the last while I’ve enjoyed wonderful performances and have met people who would be impossible to forget.  Last Friday for instance, I sang in Sudbury, Ontario in a place called the Fromagerie Elgin, run by two charming gentlemen, Andy and Jake. The Fromagie is an enchanting little place where sweethearts seem to flock and where wine and cheese and music flourish. I sang to a lovely audience and had the pleasure of meeting one of my Twitter friends for the very first time face to face.  We were able to share our stories, our dreams, and our passion for music.

In May I had the honour of singing with The Legendary Canadian Singer/songwriter Dan Hill. I have always loved Dan’s music and was so thrilled to sing with him. He is a beautiful person with a gentle soul, a true artist.

I’ve written a number of new songs this spring and I seem to be bubbling over with sound. One of my songs was inspired by a book I had been reading. I could see everything about this song, it had a living form, characters, a plot, colours, it took on its own personality and its own being like all creations, stories, and songs.

This weekend I'll be singing at a Street Festival. Over the summer I will be singing around Muskoka and Northern Ontario. Next week it's planned for me to be singing in Huntsville in conjunction with the Algonquin Theatre, somewhere along the waterfront. In July I’m being presented in Bala by The Actor’s Colony Theatre. I will also be doing a summer residency at Deerhurst Resort and in August I’ll be singing The Winderemere Golf and Country Club, and of course I’ll be singing some more street festivals. I’m singing a house concert for a corporate event and will be returning back to Peterborough to The Carpe Diem to seize another day!

Some highlights of my season have been my first swim of the year with my Bailey woof woof, some traveling I’ve done, and my garden that is growing. Tonight I collected mint leaves for my dinner.

I’m just so thankful for everyone who’s taken the time to read my blog. Your support is so important to me! Please keep checking in at and my concert list as it is dynamic and ever-changing. It seems to move around in its own little way.

I’m so looking forward to singing for you,


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