Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring News


S is for the sun that shines on us
   P is positive and loves to trust
       R is for respect in every-little- aspect
            ING is knowing you are truly grow-ING,-glow-ING, go-ING?!
                     Spring’s returned to us at last!


Beautiful Spring-Welcome Home!

The robins have landed the seagulls call.
I'm singing my songs- for one and for all.
The winter came in with a storm full of rage
I felt like a songbird at home in my cage
At home in my cage-how strange that must sound.
What songbird is happy with feet on the ground?
The season has chimed as winter would fall
I’m dancing in time to a click-for my ball
The journey’s begun with a book and a page
I've felt like a prop right at home on the stage
At home on the stage-how mysterious the sound
At home on a page-how marvelous the crown.

This winter has been truly wonderful. I have met so many people who I’ll never forget, and on those days when I feel discouraged and grey I’ll remember only their light and will all the bad away. Thank you so much for all of your support. You know who you are! You're beautiful Uniques.


I started off the year with performances in Huntsville, Midland, Waubaushene, Paris, Brantford, Peterborough, Barrie, Shelburne, Bracebridge, Port Severn. Ontario was my wintery home. I was interviewed for radio by a lovely man named Grant and another named James. I played many beautiful pianos, some tuned, some un-tuned, and some I even named.


I’ve learned many things and I’ve written new songs. I’ve started working with some lovely people and have headed into a studio of brilliant blue sound, as blue as the loveliest sky, and as musical as the loveliest sound. I work with a gem named Russ and another named Arun. I’ve been mentored and supported by a Scarlet Pimpernel and we’ve created goals, a mission, and an orchestration of positivity, determination, and most of all patience (shamefully one of my silliest struggles) :)

I was captured on TV by Cottage Life and Cogeco and will be appearing with Elizabeth on Rogers in Midland soon. I promise to keep you posted and up to date. March finished off on a high note. FACTOR supported me with funding to continue my dream and I am so thankful. I could have danced all night!

My family is well. Bailey is happy. He’s singing more than ever and has objected to finding a day job? He tells me he likes lying in the sun.

Drum tracks have been laid, bass I think too.  Maps have been planned out and explored through and through. On Thursday, I’m heading to the city of colour, the city of sound. I’ll record with a click, with a drum, let the music abound. Wish me luck. I’m dyslexic at best and rhythm has always been a challenge and a test.

New sounds coming soon. New shows on the rise. To Peterborough, To Huntsville, To Bala, To Sudbury, To the south, To the north, To the east, To the west. Call me hither and I shall arrive.

One day we will meet! I can't wait till the day, but until then I’d like only to say…Be beautiful, be safe, and be very happy this spring!