Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Winter's Solstice

I’m writing to you from my desk, a white washed desk passed down to me. My desk has a dainty shape. It has been marked by many a pen and has scribbled notes with long lost secrets hidden on its body.

 I’m warm, but let me fool you not! It’s teeth chattering cold out there! We've had record breaking chills in Ontario and across Canada and where I am we have heavy, heavy snow; magnificent for dog-sledding (with Bailey), skiing, fort building, skating, and that snowshoe too good to forget! 

You should see this massive white snow drift that’s made its home in front of my window. It’s huge! I can’t really make out my neighbour’s house any longer, except for some smoke puffing at odds.I don’t take enough time to observe these things, so I’ll do it here now. At my sill some healthy mint leaves thrive, there sits a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers from friends, two volumes of Cassell’s New German and French Dictionaries (a resolution), and a handsome porcelain prima  ballerina, a gift, with a story. 

December the twenty-first proclaimed her Winter’s Solstice and she’s here. It was a memorable month for me and I hope it was for you. I sang some beautiful concerts and met some real lovelies. Christmas couldn’t have been better I was with family and celebrated in a true northern fashion. For me the New Year rang in with an unforgettable charm and a glass of bubbly….thinking as the clock struck twelve…So many pages still left to turn…

This year I tried to make some “honest resolutions” for myself? One- I will do my best to speak only words of healing! Two- I will encourage and live in faith! Three- I will refrain from the use of the nonsensical sound “um” in my daily life and four-I will finally finish and read 100 of the world’s best books. Right now I’m on“Persuasion” by Jane Austen. I have far to go!I’m a huge JA fan and am finding Persuasion to be one of my favorites. So far there is this tremendous amount of agony and contraction and this complicated struggle for truth and depth, a love well deserved. There’s a read for every space and for every feeling.  I’m feeling this one!

This year I’ll be heading back into a studio in Toronto to record some new music! I've been writing up a fury and I think I’m maturing as a songstress? I’m so excited to record!  I’ve found recording to be a vulnerable and intimate experience, the kind that gives you butterflies and tingles. It makes me nervous but in a transitional sort of way. I love it and am so thankful I’ve taken the blind double-flipping sow cow fly from the seat of my pants to dive into somewhere. It’s quite a something.

2014 will be a touring year!  I’m meeting new musicians that will join my touring dance, and am playing in a labyrinth of Ontario communities and perhaps heading across the borders. This year I’m beginning to lengthen my tours so the “Gypsy Queen” and I will be learning the ropes on hotel living! Please check out my concert tab for upcoming shows near you! Hopefully we’ll meet up somewhere somehow soon!  You can tune into my gypsy dance around Ontario by reading about it here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook, or on Blogger! Maybe even somewhere else who knows what the universe will hold!  I promise to share more when I know more. Each day has a will of its own—doesn’t it!

For NOW take a breath and live in the moment!